CyberSecurity assessments are a proactive and essential service to help school districts evaluate their vulnerability to potential cyber threats and attacks.

Northern Buckeye Education Council's CyberSecurity assessments aim to identify weaknesses, gaps, and potential risks in the district's IT infrastructure and systems. This assessment typically involves various steps, such as:

Following the assessment, Northern Buckeye Education Council can offer tailored solutions to help the district mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance its cybersecurity posture. Some of the solutions may include:

By leveraging Northern Buckeye Education Council's CyberSecurity assessments and solutions, school districts can proactively address potential cybersecurity risks, reduce vulnerabilities, and better protect their sensitive data. This proactive approach also aligns with the demands of the insurance industry, which increasingly emphasizes cybersecurity measures as a critical factor in assessing risk and coverage.

Northern Buckeye Education Council is the best in the business! We chose to partner with them 29 years ago and have always found this to be a wonderful partnership. Their team is resourceful and friendly, our administration and staff love the support and dependability, and our students are grateful as well. The Archbold community has a lot of pride and that pride is evident! In my opinion, there is no other partnership I enjoy more!

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