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NOVA and Your Student

NOVA is not its own online school entity, but rather a connection between students, local districts and LMS providers.

Every child learns in his or her own way. NOVA assists in creating a classroom of one: a remarkably effective educational option individualized to meet each child's needs. Now, more than ever, parents choose to educate their children using online programs.

Reasons for full-time virtual learning may include accessibility to a wider variety of courses, flexibility in scheduling, more challenging courses, or courses not available in the regular classroom environment that promote learning in a student’s particular area of interest.

NOVA and our consortium of local districts can assist with helping your student maximize their full educational potential whether it is in a virtual setting or while at the school building.

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Parent and Student Support

If you are a student or a parent and need help with your courses, or are interested in virtual schooling options with your SchoolsPLP, please contact your local school district.

Member districts and their phone numbers are available on the Members Tab.