Team-Taught Tech

For teachers who find leaving the classroom challenging, our team-taught tech mentorship program provides an excellent opportunity. In this program, a technologist will join you in your classroom and together, you'll instruct your students on the use of educational technology tools. What's more, as your students learn, you'll be learning right alongside them. This comprehensive educational approach spans over three years, allowing for a deep, immersive learning experience. It's a valuable opportunity for both you and your students to enhance your understanding and skills in educational technology.

Three-Year Plan

We have a three-year phase in for team-taught learning:

  • Year 1: Technologist will lead the learning, with support from the classroom teacher. Teacher learns the material and how to facilitate it.

  • Year 2: Classroom teacher will lead the learning, with support from the technologist.

  • Year 3: Classroom teacher leads learning on their own.


Tech Time

Our Tech Time program is specifically designed for Kindergarten and First Grade students, with a focus on cultivating the essential technology skills they'll need throughout their academic journey.

The program is guided by the K-5 Tech Skills Matrix, which outlines the key skills for each grade level, indicating when they are introduced, reinforced, and mastered. This matrix serves as a roadmap for the development of tech proficiency in students from a young age.

The matrix also provides examples of tools that can be used to teach each skill. Some of the common tools utilized in our program include Seesaw, Google Classroom, IXL, and Brainpop. These platforms offer a variety of interactive and engaging ways to learn and apply tech skills

Google for Littles

Based on the philosophy that "Littles can do it" from the book by Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler, the PLG is proud to offer a series of team taught classes for students and teachers in elementary schools.

Targeted beginning in 2nd Grade, this series of six classes is designed to introduce students (and teachers) to the world of Chromebooks and all the great Google apps that they can use for learning and creating.

STEAM for Students

Steam for Students is a team-taught program that brings STEAM equipment to the classroom and introduces the students to design, coding and robotics in a fun and engaging way. Information about our available STEAM labs and activities can be found on the STEAM Lab page.

This is an included service for full members of the Northern Buckeye Education Council. If your institution is not a full member, we have competitive rates for this service.


Contact the Professional Learning Group to set up Team-Taught-Tech for your school or classroom.